Innumerable planets, innumerable races… Swarm has conquered, subjugated and destroyed them all...


Mercilessly heckled and abused by Swarm the prototype Z Series IQ nanite known as ZIQ, is being put through rigorous testing.

The Creation of ZIQ

Using a mass producible nanoform test body, failure and destruction provide no respite.

Our First Project

Midnight Sea Studios is an independent games studio based in Portland, Oregon. We are currently developing our first project ZIQ, an arcade runner for PCs and consoles.

We are a team of two Joshs that met over a decade ago playing online games. Now we're living a dream that involved both of us switching from consumers of video games to creators.

It's been a lot of hard work for both of us to learn new skills and wear hats we didn't even know we had, but we're coming down the home stretch and looking forward to sharing our studios first project with the world.



Our studios first project is an arcade runner for PCs and consoles.