Run, dodge, jump, collect pickups, switch polarity and die constantly! Perform sequences, maintain chains, destroy obstacles and time your pulls to take advantage of the in-depth scoring system while you compete on the global leaderboard!


Innumerable planets, innumerable races… Swarm has conquered, subjugated and destroyed them all…


Mercilessly heckled and abused by Swarm the prototype Z Series IQ nanite known as ZIQ, is being put through rigorous testing.

The Creation of ZIQ

Using a mass producible nanoform test body, failure and destruction provide no respite.

About Us​

person sitting on gaming chair while playing video game

Midnight Sea Studios is an independent games studio based in Portland, Oregon. We started out as a web development studio focusing on the video game industry. After launching some successful web tools for Guild Wars 2, we decided to switch our focus to developing video games. We recently launched ZIQ an arcade runner for PC on Steam and are currently working on our next title Five Oaths a deck building rogue-like.

We fell in love with video games early in life playing on both PC and console. Many of us met through playing video games together and we’ll always make decisions that advocate for our players first. We hope to continue creating memorable experiences, with unique mechanics and interesting stories.

ZIQ is a challenging arcade runner currently available on Steam.

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